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Business as usual

I am still working on making the current LiveUser release cycles bug free. The bugs that are being spotted are getting increasingly rare and harder to encounter. Unfortunately no work on the caching has start as of yet. A bunch of people have expressed interest in helping. As always nothing has materialized to date. Aside from a minor php doc comment contribution there has also been no assistance on the documentation front. This includes MDB2. Oh well, I guess I need to be content with people finding bugs and reporting them. Anything beyond is too much to ask ... *sigh*
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Getting back on the conference bandwagon

After having skipped a few recent conferences I will be back in action at this years php|works in toronto. It will be my first trip to canada but more importantly I will try my hand at a new flavor of talks. So far I have done several talks on database abstraction, but this time I am giving a talk on how to write proper fast, portable SQL. I do not claim to be a DBA guru, but I have done my fair share of reading on the topic, combined with several years of experience developing database driven applications I think I will be able to show a few new tricks to the audience. Maybe the audience can ever share some of their own!
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Aktualisieren Sie Ihr Gehirn auf PHP5

Note: This post is in german because its a shameless plug for an online workshop I will be holding in german. So now is a good time to learn german I guess :-)
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Pump up the brain

Living in Berlin, the city of cities, has alot of advantages. One of the main advantages is that a lot of smart nice people realize the beauty of Berlin and therefore also live here. Some are even so smart as to live within a mile from my home. This applies to Stefan Hinz for example, who is the co-author of the anxiously awaited "MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide".
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Due to popuar demand: comments

I have added comments to my blog. Hope this all works as I had to dig out code that was written about 2 years ago for one of the first incarnations of the WebBuilder2 framework. I also made use of Text_Captcha and Image_Text for the first time as well as the Session container of LiveUser.
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