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Query parameter handling in Symfony2

So this topic has been going back and forth in my head a lot over the last months: how do we best handle query parameters in Symfony2? Obviously you can already access query parameters today already but it could be easier. Essentially what I want is a way for developers to easily configure what query parameters they expect and what values they expect. This is useful for several things like easier reading and validating of query parameters, self documenting API both for API docs for humans but also for machines. Now thanks to Alexander we have a solution that works. But there is the big question if this is really the right approach. For now ignore the fact that it only works with annotations for now, because that is fixable. But it does point to the question if this shouldn't be integrated into the routing configuration itself by adding query support for our implementation of uri-templates.
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State of PHPCR

It feels like every minute a PHP developer somewhere on this planet starts implementing something aching to a CMS from scratch. Some do it because their project is "so big" it that it "obviously needs" a custom solution. Some do it because their project is "so small" it "obviously needs" just a few days of hacking .. to build a custom solution. Let me briefly focus on the later group. Working in a company with less than 10 people building websites for customers a project needs a bit of a CMS to manage those 10 "semi static" pages seems to be the poster child example of this group. The devs whip up a DB table, slap an ORM in front, maybe even use some generator for the admin UI. Done. Later the clients also wants versioning and luckily many ORMs provide some solution for that. Easy. Permissions? Most frameworks provide some ACL system. Child pages? ORM has some tree algorithm supported. Fulltext search? Integrate ElasticSearch. Custom page types? Uhm well by now you have enough sunken costs that you will make that happen somehow too. Some morning you wake up and you have created the next Drupal or Typo3. If you did, then it would be hard to claim that you did it wrong because both are very successful projects. What PHPCR aims to be is to provide you with a short cut for this path. Or in other words there should be a PHPCR implementation that is so easy to use, with so many helpful higher level components in your favorite framework, that it becomes the natural choice for your next CMS needing project.
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Doctrine looking for feedback from its old contributors

So Benjamin just went and wrote a license migration tool, which he will hopefully soonish have time to release as OSS itself. So far things are going well. The tool basically reads out the list of authors and then can list up their commits. Here is for example my list of commits. As some users didn't use the same config for all their commits, we might have authors in our system that in the real world map to the same people. Via an admin tool we can manually update the emails. The system can generate a hash for each author and send out notification emails where the author can then approve or disapprove of the change .. or simply reply that we got the wrong email. Works great as can be seen in the projects overview except that some users have not configured an email address properly when they setup git. However the bigger issue are old contributors back in the svn days. While many of these commits technically do not need to be approved since the code is actually no longer found inside Doctrine, it would be still great to get their approval. So if you find yourself or someone you know in the list of authors who have not yet approved, please let us know!
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Not all licenses are created equal

IANAL. As you are all are hopefully aware there are huge differences the exact "freedoms" allowed by the various open source licenses. I find that many younger developers have a natural affinity to the GPL, because they seem to feel its important to prevent someone from just taking their code, building upon it and not releasing their changes under an open source license when they distribute. Maybe with enough experience you start to realize that it happens close to never that a proprietary fork of an open source project ends up outpacing the original project. So why bother regulating this? It just makes legitimate business uses harder and in the grand scheme of things, I don't worry about this. People who prefer to go proprietary are likely not in the state of mind yet where I would want to work with them anyway.
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My take on the MicroPHP manifesto buzz

Ed's recent blog post labeled the The MicroPHP Manifesto got a lot of attention. Personally I feel like Ed's way of expressing himself feels mostly like the rants of an angry person and not really a way of expressing a clear message. That is why I appreciate a much saner formulated follow up by Kris Jordan. In general I totally agree with Ed on the point that we need more decoupled components in the PHP world. The timing seems a bit odd since exactly that seems to be an emerging trend with all the various libraries cropping up since PHP 5.3. Where he looses me is with his seeming obsession with LOC minimization. It sounds to me like he assumes that any 3rd party code he pulls in, he automatically also has to maintain. To me that seems a bit odd. Obviously any 3rd party lib might contain bugs, which one might need to debug. But when choosing a 3rd party lib I focus on seeing if I trust the development team. I apply metrics such as track record, existing tests and documentation (oh and don't forget license). And of course I also browse the code and the response time and attitude in the bug tracker. If I hit an issue I do expect to be able to fix it myself if necessary, but in most cases I will just do my best to file a bug report with steps for how to reproduce the issue. Obviously being somewhat known in the PHP community for doing my share, I might be getting slightly better response times than most devs. But I still do not see how LOC in a 3rd party lib need to be a criteria for how hard it will be to maintain said dependency.
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